Cool Roof Coatings in NJ, PA, and Philadelphia

Cool Roofs in Southeast New Jersey & Philadelphia, PA AreaGA

Cool Roof Coatings in NJ, PA, and Philadelphia

Mammoth Spray Foam Solutions: Leading Provider of Energy Star Certified Cool Roof Coatings in NJ, PA, and Philadelphia

Mammoth Spray Foam Solutions is at the forefront of providing Energy Star certified cool roof coatings in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia. Our cool roof solutions are designed to offer significant energy savings while protecting the environment.

Understanding Cool Roof Coatings

Cool roof coatings are essential in maintaining lower roof temperatures, much like wearing light-colored clothing on a hot day. In summer, roof temperatures can soar up to 170°F on traditional dark roofs, such as low-slope black asphalt roofs. Conversely, they can plummet to -20°F in winter in northern regions. These extreme temperatures result in high UV radiation absorption, leading to increased energy consumption inside buildings.

The Role of Cool Roofing

Our Energy Star (DOE) qualified roof coating materials significantly reduce the need for air conditioning in buildings and can cut energy bills by up to 50 percent. The Cool Roof Program sets standards for solar reflectance, three-year aged maintenance of reflectivity, and emission in roof coating systems. Reflectivity refers to how much of the sun’s heat a roof reflects, while emissivity indicates how much heat a roof releases.

Types of Cool Roof Coatings

Mammoth Spray Foam Solutions offers a variety of cool roof coatings over sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF) and other roof deck surfaces, including:

  • Acrylic: Water-based and environmentally friendly, acrylic coatings are highly reflective and provide excellent UV protection.
  • Silicone: Ideal for areas with extreme temperatures and frequent UV exposure. Silicone coatings create a slick surface that is highly permeable.
  • Urethanes: Known for their high tensile strength, urethane coatings resist the expansion and contraction of roof systems, providing long-term UV protection.
  • Polyurea: A 100% solids material that is rapid-curing and unaffected by moisture or temperature variations, making it highly adaptable to any roof substrate.

Impact on Urban Heat Zones

Installing cool roofs in urban settings like Philadelphia can significantly mitigate the Urban Heat Island effect. This phenomenon, caused by large dark roofs, elevates temperatures in urban areas, contributing to smog and increased energy consumption. Cool roofs by Mammoth Spray Foam Solutions not only save money but also benefit the environment.

Standards and Approvals

Our cool roof coatings adhere to rigorous testing and approval guidelines. We ensure that our products meet standards like ASTM D 6083, which assesses physical performance characteristics such as viscosity, elongation, tensile strength, and weathering resistance. Facility owners and managers can trust our products to meet and exceed industry standards.

Choose Mammoth Spray Foam Solutions

For building owners in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia, Mammoth Spray Foam Solutions is your trusted partner for Energy Star certified cool roof coatings. Our solutions not only enhance the energy efficiency of your building but also contribute to a healthier environment. Contact us today to learn more about our cool roof coating options and how they can benefit your property.


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